PRESS RELEASE: Mads Randbøll Wolff hired as Director of the Danish Centre for Sustainability and Resilience

Oct 2014

Mads Randbøll Wolff is now the new director of the Centre for Sustainability and Resilience (Centre) in Denmark which was established earlier this year and is funded by the VELUX Fund. Karen Blincoe, Chairman of the Centre, commented: ”I am very pleased that Mads Randbøll Wolff is now on board as Director of the newly established Centre for Sustainability and Resilience. Mr Randbøll Wolff comes with broad and valuable experience in many important priority areas for sustainability in the Danish society. He also has knowledge of and insight into how to create and stimulate change in society. I am confident that Mr Randbøll Wolff will manage development of the Centre effectively; contributing significantly to Denmark’s journey towards becoming a fully sustainable society. Taking action and successfully implementing new ideas and ways of living requires insight, courage, focus and in-depth knowledge of sustainability issues. The Board considers Mr Randbøll Wolff as someone who has the qualities to ensure that the new Centre will achieve its goals.”

The newly appointed Director Mr Randbøll Wolff said: “I am extremely proud and happy to have been appointed director of the Centre for Sustainability and Resilience. The Centre’s work perfectly reflects my personal and professional interests, not least the possibility of creating sustainable solutions. I am looking forward to getting down to work, and together with the Board and future partners, strengthening the sustainability agenda in Denmark. The Centre has an important task ahead, which will require innovation, a balance between national objectives and local solutions as well as between short-term constraints and long-term needs and opportunities.”

Mr Randbøll Wolff comes from a position as Senior Adviser to the Nordic Council of Ministers in Copenhagen, where he has spent the last seven years consulting on strategic and policy development in the areas of agriculture and forestry. Prior to this position he was Minister Secretary for the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, the attache on food to the Danish Embassy in France and the Danish OECD delegation.

Mr Randbøll Wolff’s background in sustainability issues include work with and for the Danish Food Ministry’s efforts on ecology, the Organic Food Council, The Innovation Committee, the Nordic Bioeconomy Co-operation, New Nordic Food, issues surrounding genetic resources, the forestry sector’s contribution to cross-sectoral strategies for sustainable development, the EU’s Baltic Sea Strategy, the Arctic and gender issues.

For more information contact:

Chairman: Karen Blincoe. Mb 26361344

Director: Mads Randbøll Wolff: Mb. 21670233

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